Monday, August 29, 2011

March of the Acorns!

On a whim, as I swept piles of acorns from our back patio for the thousandth time this August, I decided to try putting together some needle felted acorns to fit the empty caps. I can't take credit for the idea- I think I've seen them in a magazine. But, I tell you, they sure are cute- and fun to make. I made over a hundred of them for my neighborhood Art Crawl this weekend, and they were a hot seller. All of the bags of ten I had on hand sold out. I will gladly take orders for them. Just shoot me an email with your request. They are priced at $7 for a bag of ten acorns- all brightly colored, some in singles, some connected to a pal or even 2 pals (those are harder to find, but fun!). Contact me, and I'll let you know the cost for shipping. Get them while they're hot...apparently, acorns don't fall every year. This year we've got a bumper crop that I am now seeing as beautiful rather than annoying! Don't you just love when art sneaks into yoru life when you least expect it?

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