Monday, August 29, 2011

First class @ StevenBe's!

August 17th marked the debut of my needle felting class at StevenBe, the fabulous Minneapolis fiber studio. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful turnout (15 students including some who trekked from Steven's Yarn Garage store in Rosemount) and by the support of Steven and his staff. Jeremy Smith and Pam Angier were my guiding angels making sure that I had all I needed to lead a successful class. To my surprise and delight, I showed up an hour before the class to find the tables already spread with a wonderful array of supplies for the students. Supplies included needles of various gauges and styles, felting pads, and scrumptious fibers of all sorts. After some additional set up,students began to arrive and were greeted with delectable snacks served by Steven himself- guacamole, pita, chips, salsa, veggies, cheeses...yum. And, of course, who doesn't felt better (and feel better!) with a glass of wine at the ready? The students were a joy and came away with a solid start on a project, a new set of supplies to support their felting habit, and some good stories of a fun night spent amongst loveable fiber freaks. And the best part is: we're doing it again! The class was such a hit that it's being offered again on September 10th from 2-5pm @ Steven's Yarn Garage store in Rosemount. And for those with some basic needle felting skills already under their belt, I'll also teach a Needle Felted Pet Portraiture class at StevenBe's Chicago Ave. shop on September 18th from 1-4pm. Hope to catch you at one of these enormously fun classes.

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