Monday, March 7, 2011

Creating a Family Heirloom

     One of the wonders of life as an artist in this digital, online world is that I often do commissions for people who I'll never meet featuring their loved ones- animal or human- who I'll also never meet. It can be a strange feeling creating an intimate portrait, trying to capture the essence of a subject working solely from reference photos. For me, it's a very humbling experience, and I am always heartened when someone says, "You've got it! You really captured her/him!"
    Well, my latest commission was a bit different: in this case I know both the ordering agent- my cousin Miracle- and the subject, her darling daughter Elsa. Although I see them all too infrequently these days, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Miracle and Elsa together, and I felt challenged and privileged to attempt to capture Elsa's great little spirit in this work. It helped to have a gorgeous reference photo from which to work. It was taken by Miracle, a talented photographer. Her photo appears above just below the felted portrait.
     I'm off to the post office to send the finished work off- always a bittersweet moment, too, to send your art out into the world. Preliminary feedback via email has been positive: Miracle seems pleased with photos of the portrait. Wish I could be there to see her face (and Elsa's) when she views the work in person.

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