Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December's a flurry of fuzz...

I've been needle felting new works almost as fast as my Mom can knit and felt them! She's amazing! Check out these latest items including some new bag styles she's created. The Kindle/Nook bags are fabulous and selling fast!
This has been dubbed The Gelato Bag because the color reminded my Pops of Italian ice cream.
The strap has a velcro closure and a flower detail.
The perfect gift for a little princess.

The Kindle/Nook bag- perfect for protecting your favorite e reader. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry anywhere, and velcro closure keeps your reader snug.

Mom's ever-popular felted mittens: as warm as they are cute!

A ideal checkbook holder or little clutch for keys, cash, and credit cards.

Hat detail. Goldfish, anyone?

Just in case you need to make your baby/toddler even cuter...

These tiny purses have been very popular: fits your cell phone, camera, or credit cards.
A great example of up-cycling, Mom found this bag at a thrift store and we gave it new life!
Another little up-cycled wonder. Some little girl is going to look so sweet carrying this purse.
Detail of the up-cycled trillium purse.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Textile Center Wins Two Awards!!

I am so proud to be a part of this organization as a member, teacher, and gift shop artist. Congratulations on their recent awards including "Best Art Gift Shop." Wow! Read more here: Textile Center Wins Two Awards!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mom's New Booties

My fantastic mom is now making felted boy booties: little high tops reminiscent of the ubiquitous white leather baby shoes of old. These ones are soft, cozy, and adorable. I've decorated a few pair so far (with Goldfish cracker designs that will sure to have the little fellas grabbing for their feet), and know they're going to be a big hit. I'm often asked for boy-style booties when people see the Mary Jane's we've been making for girls. Well, they're finally here! I'll be selling them at the Textile Center, Mother Earth Gardens, and upcoming holiday shows. Stay tuned for the holiday show schedule.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to make a Madonna fan smile.

1) Find the perfect photo of the Material Girl.

2) Reproduce that image in needle felt on a mini felted purse.


3) Have your camera ready to capture the recipient's surprise and delight!

Monday, August 29, 2011

First class @ StevenBe's!

August 17th marked the debut of my needle felting class at StevenBe, the fabulous Minneapolis fiber studio. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful turnout (15 students including some who trekked from Steven's Yarn Garage store in Rosemount) and by the support of Steven and his staff. Jeremy Smith and Pam Angier were my guiding angels making sure that I had all I needed to lead a successful class. To my surprise and delight, I showed up an hour before the class to find the tables already spread with a wonderful array of supplies for the students. Supplies included needles of various gauges and styles, felting pads, and scrumptious fibers of all sorts. After some additional set up,students began to arrive and were greeted with delectable snacks served by Steven himself- guacamole, pita, chips, salsa, veggies, cheeses...yum. And, of course, who doesn't felt better (and feel better!) with a glass of wine at the ready? The students were a joy and came away with a solid start on a project, a new set of supplies to support their felting habit, and some good stories of a fun night spent amongst loveable fiber freaks. And the best part is: we're doing it again! The class was such a hit that it's being offered again on September 10th from 2-5pm @ Steven's Yarn Garage store in Rosemount. And for those with some basic needle felting skills already under their belt, I'll also teach a Needle Felted Pet Portraiture class at StevenBe's Chicago Ave. shop on September 18th from 1-4pm. Hope to catch you at one of these enormously fun classes.

March of the Acorns!

On a whim, as I swept piles of acorns from our back patio for the thousandth time this August, I decided to try putting together some needle felted acorns to fit the empty caps. I can't take credit for the idea- I think I've seen them in a magazine. But, I tell you, they sure are cute- and fun to make. I made over a hundred of them for my neighborhood Art Crawl this weekend, and they were a hot seller. All of the bags of ten I had on hand sold out. I will gladly take orders for them. Just shoot me an email with your request. They are priced at $7 for a bag of ten acorns- all brightly colored, some in singles, some connected to a pal or even 2 pals (those are harder to find, but fun!). Contact me, and I'll let you know the cost for shipping. Get them while they're hot...apparently, acorns don't fall every year. This year we've got a bumper crop that I am now seeing as beautiful rather than annoying! Don't you just love when art sneaks into yoru life when you least expect it?